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28-Jul-2017 18:59

You watch women – even women who’re around pass you by to date taller men. But you know what’s unattractive on aspect of your life.

Society tends to equate height with masculinity and power; when you are lacking in one, you feel that people assume you’re lacking in the others as well. It bleeds into your body language and into the way you talk and relate to others.

But hey, that’s cold comfort when women are putting “six feet tall, minimum” in their dating profiles and your friends all call you “Short Round”.

The thing is, as with many other masculine insecurities, this is predominantly in our heads. Worse, I’m the shortest of all my friends who range from 5’1o” on the short side, to 6’7″ on the tall side.

The problem with this is that the sudden color change – from white to brown to blue – creates a visual interruption.

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For all its highbrow intent, it's ultimately very lazy. There are two types of people in this world: those who have pooped in their pants and liars.If you’ve never accidentally shit your pants, the day is coming. Pooping your pants as an adult just feels so ridiculous and demeaning. If it’s in public, you have to get strategic about how you’re going to handle the situation.OK, before you click the back button in disgust, hear me out. We inevitably find our focus divided among the million little things that occupy our attention.

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But when we feel like someone is giving us their listening instead of waiting for your turn to talk – is absurdly powerful.That’s Just remember: Cultivating an air of ease and self-assurance is not only attractive in and of itself, but it leads into my next tip: It’s not how tall you are; it’s how tall people feel you are.

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