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dating sites for divorced separated parents

I'm not an ego maniac to think "Hey nobody will ever love her like I did" but knowing all the things I've done for her over the years I'm pretty certain she's going to have a hard time finding somebody like me.

Maybe she doesn't want that, especially considering all the people she's seeing now aren't exactly the best of the bunch so to speak. He is now happily married, with 4 beautiful kids, an amazing house, etc.

So she was the stay at home wife who didn't keep the house or apartments perfectly clean. Within a week she had a new boyfriend, while her ex cried and was depressed for nearly a year. A mess for nearly two years trying to get back wtih him. And I don't believe in "perfect", but he really was.

Hey maybe she will find the perfect guy for her and I hope she does, but at this point it's obvious I'm not that guy and she is definitely not a person I would ever want to be with. Yeah there is some kind of fog but it's like the whole 'drunk' honesty theory. So the real answer to your question is that no one knows who will be happy in the future .. Within a week she had a new boyfriend, while her ex cried and was depressed for nearly a year. A mess for nearly two years trying to get back wtih him. Well 3 yrs after she dumped him, she was travelling thru Europe with another new boyfriend, and suddenly she realized she missed her first ex. She therefore, dumped her current boyfriend while in Europe, flew back early, tried to get back with her ex that she had hurt, and he would have none of it. She was now the one crying, devestated and depressed for two years. to this day, 10 years later, she still regrets having broken up with him in the first place, and still says she will always love him.

I mean she rarely worked and barely went to college and we didn't have kids. And BTW, just because someone feels loss or pain doesn't mean they want to get back together to quell the pain, that wouldn't be the right reason anyway. My soon to be ex-wife was talking to me the other day about people should never regret things they did in their lives, and then she proceeds to say she has one big regret now.And then that night she proceeded to go out with some guy and hasn't been home since.Therefore, the girls on the dating sites are for marriage, love and family.

Someone posted something in a thread that I think is interesting..idea that the dumpee might feel more pain in the short-run due to feelings of rejection and abandonment, and that some dumpers might feel more pain in the long-run... Of course the dumpee shouldn't sit around waiting for the dumper to finally "feel the pain" and "come to his or her senses." Personally, as a dumpee, after a few days of feeling awful and time to reflect, I found myself realizing the profound benefits of the split.After receiving such messages of interest you will do well to check the senders profile to see whether or not you would like to get to know the Russian woman and in case you do, then it only requires taking the next step to marrying Russian women or even simply dating or becoming friends with a single Russian woman. This is the reason there are very less chance that a Russian woman will file divorce for small reasons.

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