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Noteworthy lyric: "I put my loving on the line for you, lady But my spirits were low/ I would have committed a crime for you, baby/ Yeah, it got out of control, I know my temper's been kinda crazy, I need somebody. I need someone/ Your love is real but I just feel suffocated, I feel so lonely. “Needy Girl” Some people can be too needy in any relationship.

Chromeo attempts to fulfill her needs but realizes she's too needy and it's time to move on.

Chromeo, the electrofunk duo, have been popularly known for their distinctive style in music.

The beats of their songs will have you tapping your feet and shaking your hips while the lyrics will have you bopping your head, smiling as you relate to every word sung.

Noteworthy lyric: "I know you heard this a hundred times, To me what matters is what's inside/ And a little backside too, Is that bad, is that taboo? / You see, your problems of self-esteem, Could be self-fulfilling prophecies, So arguably your best policy should be talking to me, Talking to me/ Stop looking over your shoulder, 'Cause if it was up to me I would make you feel right" 1.

“Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” This song is the fourth single from their latest album, .

Ezra, have you ever told the truth about the reason for a break-up? every break-up I have ever been through has been a prolonged and agonising period of back and forth.

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Once, you might have thought, here is a guy who is freaking out in the studio, trying to figure out the gated snare sounds, eating potato chips? He’s waking up in the morning, running and lifting weights like a maniac. Apparently 40% of people lie to their partner about why they want to end a relationship to make the process easier. However, I have never truly done the ‘there’s someone else’ break-up.It is a combination of a funky, sexy beat with sweet, crazy-love inspired lyrics about a jealous boyfriend too cool to admit it. Connecting the musicians via telephone, we asked them to discuss the steamy and eternal anthropological dialogue that we call love and relationships. You realise that as intelligent and talented he may be, his physical appearance is part of his work. It’s not like I’ve ever moved to a cabin in the woods with a girlfriend and then broken up.“Come Alive” Working can be overwhelming and take over your life.

Chromeo is here to remind you to take a break and come alive.

Noteworthy lyric: "Bright lights keep you straight, Feels like looking in a magazine/ You, her, on the floor, Feels like dancing is the way to go, But if you let her see that fancy footwork/ Show her that you’re not that shy, Let her see that fancy footwork, Show her you’re that type of guy" 5.