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08-Jun-2017 05:29

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This gradual buildup of intensity was great for easing me into the spanking fun, but it did nothing to calm my hardon.When my underpants were pulled down my cock stood shamelessly.Sir ordered me to go upstairs, change into my striped blue pyjamas and wait on the end of the bed.

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Well, that's because I am attempting to start a new chapter in my life - one where instead of just writing about spanking, cuckolds and bi I am attempting to live it.

Stepmother is punishing me today for mouthing off to her her on turns me over her knee for a spanking and slippering and then bends me over the edge of the sofa and belts the living daylights out of me.

Think again…As a lover of kink and seeker of bdsm hookups, you probably know by now that one of the keys to a successful bdsm encounter is trust.

) Then I had the classic schoolboy experience of knocking on the study door before being led down to the 'punishment room', where after some mild scolding Sir ordered me to remove my shoes, hat and glasses, then put me across my knee and proceeded to spank the seat of my tight trousers.

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As he spanked my nerves melted away and I enjoyed it as much as when I've been spanked by my wife.

My wife and I have fun in the sack but she has decided she's reached the limits of her kink (whereas I feel I'm just getting started!

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