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Titanosaurids are special sauropods for a variety of reasons.

First, they’re the largest animals ever discovered, they’re the only known species of sauropod to survive until the Cretaceous extinction event, and their fossils have been found in the Americas, Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, Asia, and in only 2011, a single, fragmentary vertebrae was found in Antarctica, showing these animals survived all across the southern continents of the Late Cretaceous.

The wheels are a collaboration using wide format 50mm Curve Cycling rims and White Industries T11 hubs, which were built by Zak of Skunkworks Bikes in Sydney — the build quality of which was enough to help dampen the bike’s slightly harsh front end whilst giving nothing away in lateral stiffness.

Zak also balanced this particular set, adding very small strips of extra weight to offset the valve.

He refers to these frames as ‘The Tonewood Project’ — so named because of the Australian hardwoods used in the finished article, which are renowned as ‘tonewoods’ by Australian luthiers.

Mark doesn’t come from a woodworking background, and that is important to understand when you consider his approach.

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Fender has teamed up with this award-winning guitarist to create his signature model, the limited-edition Brad Paisley Road Worn Telecaster.

Regardless, this bike has been quite an eye-opener, and has become my go-to bike.

I honestly wish more of you could see it in the flesh though — that finish really does need to be seen, and touched, to be believed.

To be clear, nobody is out-right saying this animal is the largest ever found, and in fact, discoverer Rodolfo Garcia and his paleontological team from Argentina’s National University of Rio Negro (Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro)did not include a size estimate on the animal in their article for the academic journal “Cretaceous Research.” Found in the Allen Formation strata at Salitral de Santa Rosa, Rio Negro, the animal was found in rocks dating from 77 to 73 million years ago.

Titanosaur teeth were chisel-like, large and limited to the very front of the jaws, and usually much, much smaller than this.The Dura-Ace cranks and bottom bracket made way for the Turn Zayante M30 cranks and BB (which were reviewed on here recently).

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