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The possessed Linda tells Jim, now armed with Dewhurst's revolver, that he is the "portal" and taunts him into committing suicide.Suddenly, Jim tricks her and shoots the Ouija board many times right before he is pushed out of a window by the entity and lands on a car.

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The inspiration for the scene where Jim had angered the spirt when Linda and Brandon were playing the board came from an experience at a party where someone was making fun of the board and the tires were insultingly blown out considering he was in control of the board as the spirit blamed him; as the lug nuts were not moving when the guests tried to do so, they called up AAA and the lug nuts were able to move again when AAA tried to change out the tires themselves.

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An elderly hillbilly and his friend are rescued from a life of poverty by a long-lost family member who married into wealth in Beverly Hills but is now doing social battle with her late husband's snobby family. They become the toast of society, but one man believes them to be a threat to the human race. Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson still runs the lagging station.

The next day, Jim's live-in girlfriend Linda sees Brandon's Ouija board which Brandon left behind from the previous night and tries to contact David.

It is revealed that the spirit is actually a ghost of a deceased murderer named Carlos Malfeitor acting under the guise of David.

The new WKRP included Morning DJs Jack Allen and Dana Burns and the sultry night DJ, Mona Loveland.