Updating the stetler model of research utilization

04-Jun-2017 15:31

A team of individuals should be assembled to prepare and work through the implementation process.The team can be composed of stakeholders and others who have a vested interest in improving outcomes for patient care.The 7 phases of the Action Cycle include: Other resources, that can be found in the literature and online, are listed for the other phases in the implementation process (such as developing goals and evaluating the implementation process) and will not be discussed in great detail in this guide.Each of the sections in the guide deals with a specific phase of implementation and will contain the following headings: Target - What you will accomplish in this step Why is this important - Purpose of doing this step Background knowledge - Summarized information about this step Questions and reflection points when considering the step Moving into action Breaking it down into small actions to complete the step Real life example - Description of a scenario exemplifying this step Resources - Resources available in the literature and online for further information or support.Similarly, recommendations from clinical practice guidelines may not match with the values and beliefs of your population of patients or staff or may require the use of equipment or other resources that are not readily available,.Some recommendations may be vague or unclear about the desired approaches.Therefore, it may be necessary to adapt the recommendations in order to ensure a good fit with your setting, and at the same time, to be consistent with the evidence.

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Reflection The initial phases of implementation require ongoing reflection about the decisions made and those that will need to be made. We would like to thank the professionals who supported the production of this document by offering ideas, taking the time to review the document and sharing their experiences with evidence-informed practice and implementation.